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On production
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On production
After getting my degree in photojournalism from Rochester Institute of Technology, I moved to Portland, and set about building a photo studio. First I assisted, then I was a premiere color printer, then a studio manager, then I (almost) got a degree in bookbinding, and then I took over as the lead producer at Andy Batt Studio, which I co-own with photographer Andy Batt. 
That history is important, because it's why I'm good at what I do. That history, and the many years of being in business, has brought me to this place where I can share. 
Why am I so willing to share, in an industry that is so nervous to talk? Because no one would help us, and it frustrated me. I asked for mentors, and was refused. I promised I'd give back one day. And that day has arrived. 
Other facts...I love cats, I love champagne, and someday, I'm going to build a bookbinding studio in my backyard. 
Let's work together, there are so many possibilities!
Portland Photo Producer Therese standing in front of her photography exhibit at Pro Photo Supply
call or text me: 503-970-1245  email me: hello@theaskaproducer.com
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